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Learn "Happy Hollow" in Cross-Tuning from the Oldtime Repertoire of Marcus Martin



Location: R2

Instructor: Judy Hyman (fiddle)

Style: Oldtime

From Macon County, North Carolina, Marcus Martin (1881-1974) was a masterful fiddler and ballad singer who learned much of his repertoire from his father, Rowan Martin. Known for his renditions of "Gray Eagle" and unusual tunes like "Lady Hamilton" and "Jenny Run Away in the Mud in the Night,” Marcus has been very influential for contemporary oldtime fiddlers. Judy will teach his “Happy Hollow” - a great, easy introduction to the world of alternate tunings and their blissful overtones. Mandolin players be careful: AEAC# (Calico) tuning may stress a mandolin if you have heavier gauge low strings.