Introduction to Schedule

Fiddle Hell 2019 will be at the Westford Regency Inn, 219 Littleton Road, Westford, Massachusetts. It will be our sixth year at this new location, which has lots of space, loads of free parking, nice rooms (and a swimming pool) if you wish to stay there, and great food both onsite and nearby. All workshops and sessions, the concert and dances, and the many informal jams will all be under one roof!  There will be more than 450 instructor-led workshops and jams in 2019, led by 90 instructors and accompanists. 

LAST YEAR's 2018 instructors and accompanists are online, but not yet the ones for 2019. You can also see LAST YEAR'S 2018 schedule. You can see all sessions in a specific day (and also start any searches) by clicking on Thursday Friday, Saturday, or Sunday submenus. There are multiple search filters, so you can search for levels, styles, instructors, instruments, time slots, type of session, etc.

Useful things to know about the schedule:
In 2019, the first session at Fiddle Hell is on Thursday, Nov. 7th, at 12:30PM (registration opens at 11AM). For the next three days (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, Nov. 8th-10th), registration opens at 7:45AM, with warmups, bowing, learning by ear, and other very useful sessions at 8:30AM and most sessions starting at 9:30AM. 
There is no separate signup process for specific workshops and jams; just show up.
Workshops and jams are oriented toward specific levels (L1=Beginning, L2=Low Intermediate, L3=High Intermediate, L4=Advanced) and instruments (fiddle, cello, mandolin, guitar, banjo, voice, etc.) - read the descriptions carefully. 
The schedule is subject to minor changes. 
Our goal is to have sessions start and end on time, and they generally do.
There is usually a half-hour break between each session and the next. 

Our Saturday night concert, 7:00-9:30PM on Nov. 9th, 2019, will feature an amazing lineup of 20+ traditional musicians.  The 2019 lineup will be available in September. The concert is free if you’ve paid for Saturday alone or a multi-day ticket that includes Saturday; walk-ins are $20.  Tell your friends!

The Saturday night concert will be followed from 9:30-11:00PM by a Contra Dance - you can dance or sit in with the band.  The dance is free if you're at the concert; there are no separate tickets just for the dance. 2019 will continue the Friday night dance (with music by musicians TBD), right before "The Whomp!"

Audio recording of Fiddle Hell workshops and jams is generally fine, for your own use only.  In other words, don't go posting them online. Of course, you could bring your old tape or minidisc recorder, but the state of the art has advanced, and compact MP3 recorders with integrated microphones can record a lot of material with generally very good fidelity.  Zoom H1, Zoom H2n, Roland R-05, Tascam DR-05, Tascam PR-10, etc. Some people record on their smart phones, although the quality is not as good as it is with the dedicated recorders.

Video recording
 requires prior permission from the workshop or jam leader, and should also be only for your own use. Please, no video recording of the Saturday night concert and dance, or of any of the internal concerts. Many of the leaders and performers are professionals who make all or part of their living from music; please respect their wishes about recordings, and take a look at their CDs, books, and DVDs in the Fiddle Hell store in Room 5 (the Arthur Smith Room).

Five daily recommendations from Andy Reiner:
Pace yourself
Drink water
Make friends, have fun, be a human
Try something new, don't worry

Thanks to our sponsors! For many years, Fiddle Hell has been sponsored by CodaBow (maker of great carbon fiber bows) and by D'Addario (maker of responsive, fine-sounding strings). During the 2018 Fiddle Hell weekend, we gave away many sets of Helicore violin strings, and quite a few D'Addario EXP74 mandolin strings and guitar and banjo strings, too. Your registration form enters you into these giveaway drawings, and we post the winners right outside the Registration Room. We also gave away a $100 gift certificate from Johnson Strings / Carriage House Violins to one of the preregistered musician attendees. CodaBow gave away a brand new bow (violin, viola, or cello; list price $600-$700) right after Fiddle Hell; you had until Nov 7th to sign up for the giveaway on their website, using a code we gave out at Fiddle Hell.  Just so you know, CodaBow asks for your email when you sign up. We believe 2019 giveaways will be similar to 2018, although there are rumors of some amazing new ones.