Staff Filters 2019

Chris Turner

Chris was born in England into a musical family and was taught to play the harmonica by his father and brother who are both folk musicians. Since then he has taught himself to play many instruments, including flute, cornetto, bombard, bagpipes, tin whistle, concentrating on the traditional songs and dance tunes of the British Isles and the United States. He has been playing professionally since 1967 and has toured and recorded all over Europe and the United States playing for people of all ages in a variety of situations. In 1975 he was the European Harmonica Champion for the Folk Section. He's played in the Nee Ningy Band and the Whompers. 

Chris has worked extensively as a composer, music director, and arranger for various theatrical organizations including Rhode Island’s prestigious Trinity Repertory Company, as well as for films, animations, radio and TV. A unique and very talented stylist on all kinds of harmonicas, He is equally at home playing blues, various folk styles, as well as modern classical music. He has premiered and recorded orchestral pieces composed for the harmonica, and has composed and transcribed others himself. Besides a variety of harmonicas, He has appeared as concerto soloist with the Rhode Island Philharmonic and the Ocean State Chamber Orchestra. Chris's enthusiasm and boundless energy are galvanizing to audiences and fellow musicians. The Reiner Family Band first met Chris at the Meadowlark Music Camp in Maine, and love his playing and singing!

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