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Ellen Carlson

With a Masters in Education and 15 years of teaching math, Ellen Carlson  knows what it means to be accountable for people learning what is taught. Over 40 years of playing fiddle combined with this teaching experience make her a sought-after teacher for workshops. She has taught at Grey Fox, Joe Val, Pemi Valley, and along with Pete & Joan Wernick at the Wernick Jam Camps.

She grew up in a musical family so her musical roots go deep back to her great grandfather, a Swedish fiddle player who played in the contests of Henry Ford, as well as fighting with her brothers about what songs to play in their family band. She has co-run her own camp for over 20 years, Fiddleheads Jam Camp and leads the NH Fiddle Ensemble, an "orchestra" with over 100 members and in their 10th year.

Bluegrass Unlimited Magazine called Ellen “an exceptionally talented musician” for her work with the acoustic roots group High Range and gave her a coveted highlight review for her solo album “People I Play With”. Her song “Waiting for You” was a winner in the Fiddler Magazine contest. She would like to inspire people of all ages to play and to learn to enjoy the many facets of fiddling as well as making music together.

Get up early to join Ellen, who leads the 8:30AM Warmup sessions Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at FH.

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