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Eric Eid-Reiner

Dancers and listeners have long enjoyed Eric Eid-Reiner’s innovative piano accompaniment, melody playing, and compositions. Eric has been a part of the Boston area music scene most of his life, and has performed throughout the Northeast at contra dances, concerts, weddings, festivals, and more.

Eric has played with the Reiner Family Band since he was six. He is the rhythmic foundation now of The Moving Violations contra dance band, which features driving double fiddle harmonies, strong rhythm, affectionate abandon, original compositions, and occasional silliness. Eric also plays with fiddlers Julie Metcalf, Alden Robinson, David Kaynor, and Andy Reiner. Previously, he co-founded Matching Orange and played in the Rachel Cole Band (a Jewish folk/pop/rock group).

Eric has performed with Cape Breton fiddler Ashley MacIsaac and Irish fiddler Tony DeMarco, and has appeared on Brian O’Donovan’s “A Celtic Sojourn.”  Eric's fine book of original tunes, Fiddle Bottle Waltz, is in the FH store, along with his CDs Grand Tour and On a Meadowlark Night: Dance Music from New England, Ireland, Scotland, Québec, and Cape Breton. The latter received great reviews from Folk Roots and Celtic Beat Magazine. Of course, Eric plays the piano backup on the Original 52 and New 52 FH CDs.

Eric's played at the Boston Celtic Music Festival, Brown University Contra Dance, Champlain Valley Folk Festival, Club Passim, Concord Scout House, Festival Mémoire et Racines, Me and Thee Coffeehouse, NEFFA, Rehoboth Contra Dance, and the Wheaton College Contra Dance, His piano mentors and teachers have included Jacqueline Schwab, Keith Murphy, Jeremiah McLane, Kate Barnes, Rachel Aucoin, Stephanie Wills and Howie MacDonald.

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