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Janine Randall (New in 2019)

Janine Randall is a fine piano comper in the syncopated Cape Breton style, who has backed up Troy MacGillivray, Frank Ferrel, Jerry Holland, Ken Perlman, Arthur Muise, Ian MacDougall, J. P. Cormier, George Keith, and many, many more fine players. She was the Director of the Céilidh Trail School of Celtic Music in Inverness, Cape Breton, and also is known for her Scottish, Irish, and PEI backup playing. Janine has performed and taught all over, from Scotland, Ireland, and the US, to Ontario, Newfoundland, PEI, and Cape Breton.

Eldest daughter of Mary Edmonds and Johnny Muise, Janine grew up in a musical household near Boston, and absorbed the sound of traditional Cape Breton music from the age of 3. In 2015, she donated many of her family's tape and cassette recordings (and helped identify the performers and tunes on them) to form the Muise Family Collection of Cape Breton and Irish Music, which has been processed as part of the Burns Library’s Irish Music Archives at Boston College.

Janine can often be found at the Gaelic Club meetings in the Canadian-American Club in Watertown MA, teaching and accompanying Cape Breton tunes and more. At Fiddle Hell, Janine will be providing backup for several sessions, and likely teaching a workshop or two on accompaniment.

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