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Lissa Schneckenburger

Lissa Schneckenburger is a winsome, sweet-voiced singer who brings new life to old ballads, and a skillful, dynamic fiddler who captures the driving rhythm and joy of dance tunes old and new. She specializes in the sprightly New England dance tunes that combine influences from the British Isles and Québec with homegrown twists that have been evolving since Colonial days. Lissa was deeply influenced by the diverse musical community that she found at fiddle camps, where she played with and learned from Scottish fiddler Alasdair Fraser among many others; these experiences have made her a fine and supportive teacher as well. In 2001, she graduated from the New England Conservatory of Music with a degree in Contemporary Improvisation. She has been performing around the US, Canada, and Europe ever since, and has recorded nine CDs - six solo and three with various groups.

When Schneckenburger sings—an enchanting mix of smoke, gravel & honey—you stop what you’re doing. The down beat slams your body as the lyrics ignite— diamonds in the snow, bright voices of love and loss—and then she brings each song to a boil, careening around each unexpected detail. The song ends before you’re ready, leaving you breathless with your heart pounding in your ears. You reach forward and hit repeat.

Some albums, it seems, we’ve been waiting our whole lives to hear. "Thunder in my Arms," Schneckenburger’s first release of all original music, is a song cycle about attachment, parenting and trauma. After a decades-long career performing as a traditional fiddler and ballad singer, Schneckenburger’s personal experience as a foster parent sparked her drive to write stories of family attachment and loss. She found herself diving into writing this new material with a fever that matched her subject matter. Sung from a myriad of viewpoints, ‘Thunder in my Arms’ can be at times brazen and innocent, resilient and triumphant, softly confessional and sweetly comforting. Lissa says, “Music has this magical way of communicating emotion almost instantly, and allows human beings to synchronize with each other on so many levels. I set out to write songs that would resonate with other parents like myself. Songs about loneliness, exhaustion, beauty, abandonment, love, loss, and above all, hope.”

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