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lydia ievins (New in 2019)

Based in Montague, MA, lydia ievins plays nyckelharpa and five-string fiddle for Scandinavian and English Country dancing. Her absolute favorite thing about playing in either genre is the boundless opportunity to create rich harmonic lines. As an avid dancer herself, she infuses her playing with rhythmic clarity and sensitive phrasing to produce irresistible dance music. Many of her recent projects -- performing, teaching, recording -- are collaborations with fiddle partner Andrea Larson, with whom she shared an intensive year abroad (2012–13) studying Swedish folk music at the Eric Sahlström Institute. Together they have developed Träd Weekend, a popular intensive workshop for Scandi-interested dance musicians.

lydia's recordings include Koivu (2018) with Helsinki-based pianist and composer Juha Kujanpää, Fika (2013) and Trip to Tobo (2012 EP) with Andrea Larson, and Northlands (2010) with Bruce Sagan. lydia has earned a bronze Zorn medal in Sweden for her fiddling in the Uppland tradition; in 2017 the lydia&Andrea duo was awarded a bronze medal for ensemble playing at Samspelshelgen in Sundsvall. She has taught and/or played on staff at a variety of camps including Nordic Fiddles and Feet, Scandia Camp Mendocino, Northern Week at Ashokan, CDSS English Week at Pinewoods, CDSS Family Weeks at Pinewoods and Ogontz, Folklore Village, the John C. Campbell Folk School, and Berea Christmas Country Dance School.

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