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Rachel Maloney

Rachel was born in Norton, Virginia. Her love of the fiddle was nurtured at an early age by the many festivals in the mountains of Virginia, West Virginia and North Carolina. Her father was a coal miner in a small town in the heart of the Appalachians where these states border one another. Rachel's greatest inspiration has been the powerful musical tradition in that pocket of the Appalachians where she grew up. Her travels to Europe broadened her love of folk music. There she discovered the roots of her own heritage. Rachel plays the fiddle, washboard, melodian, jawharp, bones, viola, psaltry, mandolin and cornet. Rachel is a captivating performer and has a repertoire of great and hypnotic tunes. The Reiner Family Band first met Rachel at the Meadowlark Music Camp in Maine, and love her tunes and playing!

In 1987, Rachel was offered a position as performer, composer and actor at Trinity Repertory Company in Providence, Rhode Island. During that time, she continued to do a few major tours a year, usually to Europe and Canada, after shorter tours to North Carolina and Virginia and New England. Her musical interests have further developed to include electronic and multi-media collaborations, new music compositions and some film and TV scores. She has done teaching and lecture performances for more than 25 years for The Music School of the Rhode Island Philharmonic. Currently she teaches both at music camps and privately. She tours with a variety of artists up and down the east coast and in Europe, including Intergalactic Swamp Rangers,The Whompers, Nee Ningy, The Dismal Swamp Moaners, The Providence Wholebellies, The Huffers Harmonica Trio, 100th Monkey, Big Boy Henry Blues Band, Drink Small /Jazz Heritage Festival, Repeatos, Spontaneous Music Ensemble, Cambridge Harmonica Orchestra, Portsmouth Sinfonia.

As a young musician, Rachel enjoyed playing with and learning from the previous generation. As a mature musician she enjoys collaborating with and learning from the next generation. Every generation has something truly unique to bring to the table and can inspire all.

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