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Shana Aisenberg

Shana Aisenberg first achieved national recognition for her intricate and sensitive fingerstyle guitar playing, and recorded several solo guitar albums as Seth Austen for Kicking Mule, Shanachie, and other independent labels. A multi-instrumentalist, she regularly performs with Beverly Woods in String Equinox, playing many traditional styles. Shana has written and contributed arrangements to guitar and mandolin books for Mel Bay Publications and has cowritten a ukulele instruction series with Greg Horne. She has composed music for documentaries and has produced, engineered, and played on numerous recordings by other artists.

Shana is a gifted music teacher with over 35 years of experience and has taught at various workshops and festivals nationwide. She has taught hundreds of students, either individually or in groups, and is always happy to teach players of any level. Shana has written extensively about transgender issues, and has led workshops, services, and discussions on gender for colleges, businesses, churches and community organizations.

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