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Stacy Phillips

Sadly, Stacy Phillips, fiddler and dobro player extraordinaire, passed away in June of 2018. He was an inspiration and a charismatic musical friend to many. I [Dave Reiner] will miss his great music, his dry sense of humor, and his vast knowledge of traditional fiddling. I learned a lot - as did many fiddlers - from his wonderful fiddle books and recordings. Stacy would have been at Fiddle Hell this year; regretfully, we'll remember him there instead. May his memory be a blessing.

Stacy played and taught the repertoire of many traditional styles as well as twin fiddling, improvisation, music theory and arranging. He was known for his 25+ excellent instructional fiddle books and DVDs, including The Phillips Collection of Traditional American Fiddle Tunes. Said FIddler magazine: "Bluegrass Fiddle Styles is the standard for learning the great bluegrass solos . . . It's a must have."

An internationally acclaimed resonator guitarist and violin player, Stacy performed with top acoustic musicians over the world. He had three solo albums and was a featured artist on the Grammy award-winning album The Great Dobro Sessions. When he passed away, Stacy was playing with 7 bands, including The AfroSemitic Experience,  the Stacy Phillips and Paul Howard Duet, Stacy Phillips and His Bluegrass Characters, Three Finger Poi, Heroes of Tradition, Stacy Phillips and Joe Gerhard, and The Fascinating Swivets, 

His teaching history is amazing as well. Stacy taught at colleges and universities from Wesleyan to Yale; at week-long music workshops from Augusta Heritage Arts Workshop and Ashokan Fiddle and Dance Camp to Kaufman Acoustic Camp and Alaska Fiddle Camp; at Festivals such as Joe Val Bluegrass Festival and Fiddle Hell itself (a while ago); and at fiddle and improvisation classes at many Suzuki Workshops and schools.

Photo credit: Marcia Goodman