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Susie Burke

In addition to her work for adult audiences, Susie Burke is an exceptional children's performer, as her many fans both young and older will testify. Drawing on her unique background as both a professional musician and an early childhood teacher, she presents a program that is entertaining, educational, involving, inspiring, and of high musical caliber. Susie's strong, beautiful voice and her warm, heartfelt stage manner help to create a memorable and valuable musical experience for children. 

Susie has released six acclaimed recordings to date, including her most recent release, Waiting For The Sun, a duo recording with David Surette, as well as her popular childrens recording, Sweet Potatoes. She is a member of the NH State Council on the Arts Touring roster, which offers assistance to presenters throughout New England. 

For almost four years, Susie has led a singing group/class for adults, called, "Singing For The joy Of It". The title truly sums up the spirit of the class. Susie leads people through many songs, ranging from rounds both simple and sublime, to songs as diverse as "What a Wonderful World" and "My Sweet Forget Me Not" and Bruno Mars "Count On Me". 

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