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Tim Rowell

Tim Rowell has been playing banjo for more than 30 years. Having been heavily influenced as a young lad by Pete Seeger and a whole bunch of wonderful musicians from the Hudson River Valley, Tim eventually discovered a deep affection for southern Appalachian string band music.

During college Tim was taken under the wing of a fine banjo player from the Ozarks by the name of Steve Mote. In addition to playing, Tim developed a love of teaching. Winner of several awards from the Lowell Banjo and Fiddle Contest, Tim also has a bachelor's degree in music composition, and has studied music theory at the Dick Grove School of Music in Los Angeles.

Tim is the director of the Traditional Music Project at The Real School of Music. You can catch Tim playing around town with his old-time string band, Jubilee Mule. In addition to banjo, Tim teaches beginning music lessons for mandolin, ukulele, dulcimer, and piano.

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