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For Fiddle Hell in November, 2023, early bird registration will begin July 3rd at noon ET, and will end on September 30th at midnight ET.

Register as an early bird for Fiddle Hell (which saves 10%), and you will be entered to win a beautiful and unique F. Hell violin!

The earlier you register, the more chances you'll have to win.

Franz Hell was a Norwegian who trained as an instrument maker in Elmshorn, Germany. After finishing his apprenticeship in 1919, he returned to Norway, where he worked for a couple of years before emigrating to Chicago in 1921. The instrument is labelled "Franz Hell" and branded "FH" on the neck joint.  

Luthier Jess Fox has just set it up nicely with a new bridge, sound post, Wittner tailpiece, end button, and strings. The tuning pegs work smoothly, the wood grain is beautiful on top and back, and the instrument is responsive and warm sounding. You have to provide the bow, but it comes in a good suspension case

The winner will be announced at the FH Saturday Night Concert on Nov 5th. You do not have to be present to win.

If you register at the early bird rates in August, this qualifies you for all giveaway drawings (including TWO chances for this beautiful violin, as well as CDs, books, strings, online lessons, and 2 front-row seats to a Hawktail/Väsen performance in Groton, MA on Oct 27). Register in September for ONE chance at the violin and other giveaways.  

Why wait? And please tell your musical friends!  

Label cropped

  FH stamp on neck joint


Angled view and end button cropped


View from scroll side