FHO 2021 Registration for April 15-18

Fiddle Hell Online in April will include an epic online lineup of 35 live concerts, 35 live jam sessions, and 200 live workshops, for fiddle, mandolin, cello, guitar, old-time banjo, and singing. Other instruments (and listeners) are also welcome! There will be many new instructors and performers, and new sessions.

After exploring the Registration Q&A below, click on the BIG BLUE REGISTER BUTTON at the bottom of this page to register one or more people for FHO. You'll also be able to donate to the Scholarship Fund if you would like.

Registration Questions & Answers
Click on a question to see the answer. 

How Do I Set Up My Whova Account & Sign In To Access Fiddle Hell Online?

If you've bought your Fiddle Hell Online ticket, here's how to set up a Whova account. Using your LAPTOP or DESKTOP computer, ideally with the Chrome browser, click on fiddlehellonline.org to set up your Whova account and sign in to Fiddle Hell Online once you've registered. At that website, where it says "Don't have an account?" click "Sign up here". Sign in with the same exact email address used for your registration as an attendee, and create a new password. 

For iPads or other mobile devices, DO NOT follow that link!
First, download the Whova Event & Conference App, then use the App to establish your Whova account, and only then look for the Fiddle Hell Online event in the App.

Whova is how you will access Zoom sessions on the agenda, download handouts, see messages and announcements, visit the virtual exhibits, ask questions about sessions or in general, and (optionally) connect with other attendees.

If you are asked for an "invitation code" when first setting up your Whova account
it's usually because you're using a different email address than the one you gave when you bought your FIddle Hell Online ticket. Please try again, using the same email address you gave when you bought your FHO ticket. Fiddle Hell Online support staff can help if needed.

If you are asked for an "invitation code" when you're using an iPad to set up your Whova account,
make sure to download the Whova Event & Conference App first and use the App to set up your account. Then you should be able to see Fiddle Hell Online right away as one of "My Events" or you can seach for it in "Find My Event". Even if you plan to view FHO with an iPad, it's easier to set up your Whova account first with a laptop or desktop computer if you have that option. 

The Whova website will be how you access Zoom sessions on the agenda, download handouts, see messages and announcements, visit the virtual exhibits, ask questions about sessions or in general, and (optionally) connect with other attendees. You don't need to download any software on a laptop or desktop computer - the Whova event system is browser-based.

When and where is Fiddle Hell Online?

Fiddle Hell Online is Thursday-Sunday, April 15-18, 2021, with sessions replayable for the next 3 months. It's virtual, so FHO is wherever you are!

What happens at Fiddle Hell Online?

In normal times, the Fiddle Hell Massachusetts Festival is a yearly gathering of fiddlers, cellists, mandolin & guitar & old-time banjo players, and singers to meet, jam, learn, listen, and have fun. It's both friendly and diverse, and covers many traditional musical styles. This is still true now that we're ONLINE! As a registered attendee, you'll have an amazing choice of 200 workshops, 35 concerts, and 35 jam sessions. Not only can you attend these sessions when they are live, but you can replay videos of any sessions during Fiddle Hell Online and for 3 months afterwards. Teaching at FHO is primarily by ear although sheet music may occasionally be available.

What’s different from the in-person Fiddle Hell?

Attendance and participation are from your laptop, desktop, tablet, phone, or other device. You'll be joining Zoom sessions conveniently reached (through our event software called "Whova") from a web browser or mobile app. At face-to-face Fiddle Hell, you had to make a difficult choice of where to go in each time slot; for FHO, you'll be able to replay videos of prior sessions for the next 3 months, so you won't miss your favorite instructors, workshop topics, jams, and performers. Optionally, you can access the online community once you register (it's live now right here), for discussions, messaging, exhibitors, and technical help if you need it.

Where do I find out about the schedule and instructors?

Please look at https://fiddlehell.org/schedule and https://fiddlehell.org/staff . Once you have bought your Fiddle Hell Online ticket, and set up your Whova account (see the first question above on Whova setup), you can also peruse the agenda and instructors through Whova. If there are sessions you don't want to miss, add them to "My Agenda" in Whova. There is also a (downloadable) Whova Mobile App available as an alternative way to view the schedule, staff, and community topics.

What do the workshop and jam levels (L1, L2, L3, L4) mean?

Levels are discussed at https://fiddlehell.org/info/session-levels. Our four levels are approximations that you can use as guidelines to help pick your workshops and jams. Levels indicate two things: the difficulty of the material covered and the pace of the session. L1 (beginner) sessions will have the easiest material and will be at a slow pace. L4 (advanced) sessions will have the most difficult material and will be at a rapid pace. L2 (low intermediate) and L3 (high intermediate) levels are in between. Of course, your level may vary by instrument, by style, by technical facility, by ability to learn by ear, and more. Feel free to attend any workshops and jams you'd like, expecting that they will be taught and led at the advertised level(s). Also, feel free to leave any Zoom session that doesn't feel right for you and join a different one. You can always return to the agenda to see what's happening live at the same time.

What sessions should I attend? Do I need to sign up in advance for particular workshops?

There are 35 concerts, 35 jams, and 200 workshops. During each of the four days April 15-18, we'll alternate one-hour sessions with 30-minute breaks, going from 10AM ET to 11PM ET. In almost every time slot, you'll find a concert, a jam, and 6 workshops (except during the Saturday Night Concert). To decide which sessions to attend, look at the style (such as Old-Time, Irish, Scottish, New England, Bluegrass, etc.), the target instruments (such as fiddle, cello, guitar, mandolin, old-time banjo, ...), the instructors or performers, the level of the session, and of course the session title and description. You won't miss out since you'll be able to replay sessions for 3 months afterwards, so it's fun to stretch out and try a new style or instrument - or just to relax and watch a fun concert. You don't need to sign up for individual sessions - just go where you like.

Can kids attend Fiddle Hell Online?

Yes, kids can attend FHO! There is a 10% discount for kids to $144 (or just $100 if they qualify as an additional household member). Kids are welcome at all sessions; the session description should be useful in making decisions about what will interest them. There are no sessions specifically for kids in this year's Online version of Fiddle Hell, due to online privacy restrictions. Please read on for details, which are different for different ages of kids.

An adult can purchase a ticket for an older kid (13-17). During the registration process, the ticket purchaser will need to accept these additional terms: "I certify that I (the ticket purchaser) am 18 years old or older. I agree that the child being registered (13-17 years old) will be supervised at Fiddle Hell Online by an adult 18 or older, who has the responsibility of supervising the child's safe and non-disruptive participation in any or all Fiddle Hell Online activities."

A parent or guardian can purchase a ticket for a younger kid (12 or under). The parent or guardian must also purchase their own ticket (possibly as an additional household member, at $100). To comply with the U.S. Children’s Online Privacy and Protection Act (COPPA), there are important, required procedures to avoid sharing personal information about the kid, which includes name, display name, audio, video, chat posting, and more. While the kid can hear and see any sessions, during live sessions the kid should not be identified, nor audible, nor visible, since these sessions are recorded for later replay. During the registration process, the parent or guardian purchasing the ticket will need to accept these additional terms. It is not an option to consent to share personal information about a younger kid, since such permission could later be withdrawn, and the actions required of Fiddle Hell Massachusetts LLC (such as removing videos) in association with a revoked consent could be burdensome and challenging to comply with.

What's the Fiddle Hell Common Tune list?

The Fiddle Hell Common Tune list consists of 104 tunes that were suggested by the Reiner Family Band (the original 52) and by Fiddle Hell attendees (the new 52). It's a list of exciting tunes in various styles; most are traditional and a few are by known composers. These are suggested for your repertoire, and often show up in jams or workshops. Of course, many tunes not on the list are also played regularly at Fiddle Hell. The Reiner Family Band has recorded the common tunes (played both fast and slow) on two 2-CD sets, available for $15/set postpaid to US addresses at the Fiddle Hell Store.

What's the price of Fiddle Hell Online? Are discounts available?

The price for an Adult (26-64) is $160, for access to all sessions (concerts, jams, workshops) during FHO and for 3 months afterwards. 

We offer 10% discounts to $144 for Seniors (65 or over), Young Adults (18-25), Kids (13-17), and Kids (12 or under). 

Tickets for CONCERTS ONLY are $100, for ages 13 and older.

Any additional household member wishing to attend ANY concerts, workshops, or jams also needs to register (for the reduced price of $100). And all registered attendees are welcome to the Saturday Night Concert; there are no separate tickets for it.

Should I wait until the last moment to register?

Sure, you could wait until the last moment ... But if you register right away for Fiddle Hell Online, you'll get early access to the event.

Register now to plan your own agenda (with the My Agenda feature), ask questions about sessions, see announcements about new sessions, post to community discussion topics (like instruments for sale), test out your connections and software, and look through our online exhibitors.

You'll need to be registered to apply for a performance spot on the open mic concert, the teen concert, or the original tunes concert. 

We have scholarship funds available now; these may run out as FHO gets nearer.

Of course, if you register now, you'll also help Fiddle Hell to plan for a smooth and exciting event! 

That being said, you can actually register any time you like, even if Fiddle Hell Online has already started.

Are scholarships available? How do I apply?

Yes! Thanks to generous contributors to our scholarship fund (including many of the instructors and attendees), 50 scholarships (and partial scholarships) are available to those who can't afford the fees. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to describe your request and circumstances.

How do I register with a credit or debit card?

You're already on the registration page! During the registration process (click on the big blue button below), you'll be able to register just one person or several. You'll be asked some questions about each person being registered (email, state, time zone, instruments, ...), and will read and check off an Attendee Agreement (as we do at the in-person Fiddle Hell). Credit and debit card payments are accepted (see next answer for paying by check).

Can I register by sending a check instead?

Please send a check in the mail by March 15th (mail can be slow these days) to Fiddle Hell Massachusetts LLC, P. O. Box 316, Lexington, MA 02420-0316, and let us know who it's for, their age categories, and their email addresses. We'll then send you a 100% discount code (specific to each person) to use for online registration at https://fiddlehell.org/registerEach attendee needs a unique email address to register, and will be asked to agree to the Attendee Agreement.

What Does the Attendee Agreement Say?

You'll need to accept this Attendee Agreement when you register.

Is it ok for my friends and family to watch or attend concerts, jams, or workshop sessions using my login?

No, it's not. As at in-person Fiddle Hell, each registration is valid for only one attendee at Fiddle Hell Online. Any additional household member wishing to watch or participate in any concerts, workshops, or jams also needs to register (each additional household member can register at a reduced price). At a time when all musicians' gigs have largely disappeared, Fiddle Hell Online pays all instructors, performers, and technical staff, and we rely on your registration fees to do this. Please respect the artists who are at the heart of Fiddle Hell Online by asking your friends and family to register.

What happens once I register? And what is "Whova"?

1. You'll get a confirmation email from Whova with ticket purchase details.

2. Using a laptop or desktop computer, go to fiddlehellonline.org to set up your account (easy!). If you already have an account (from last November), sign in with your email and password. If not, where it says "Don't have an account?" click "Sign up here". Sign in with the same exact email address used for your registration as an attendee, and create a new password. The Whova website will be how you access Zoom sessions on the agenda, download handouts, see messages and announcements, visit the virtual exhibits, ask questions about sessions or in general, and (optionally) connect with other attendees. You don't need to download any software - the Whova Web App is browser-based.  

3. From your iPhone, iPad, or Android phone, you might want to download the Whova mobile app to conveniently browse the FHO agenda and talk to the community. This is required only if you want to view FHO from these devices (including setting up a Whova account). Otherwise this is optional, and you can ignore any emails from Whova telling you it's critical :-).

4. Please help spread the word about Fiddle Hell Online to your musical friends - fiddlers, mando players, cellists, guitarists, banjo players, singers, and more. You can direct them to our Fiddle Hell website, our Facebook group, our YouTube channel (for jam videos), or our Instagram channel.  

5. What happens at FIddle Hell Online is different from an in-person Fiddle Hell, of course. But you'll likely try out new tunes and styles, pick up techniques and nuances, enjoy hearing others play, participate in guided jams, hear concerts, connect online with old friends and make new ones. Whatever your level and musical preferences, you'll find a supportive community and kindred spirits. There will be 8 year olds and 80 year olds, local musicians and attendees from far away, players who perform regularly and those who rarely play for anyone.

Speaking for the Fiddle Hell organizers - and all the instructors, performers, and technical staff - I hope you'll enjoy the event as it unrolls, and have fun throughout and for the 3 months afterwards when you can replay sessions. Relax and experience the unique gathering that is Fiddle Hell Online!
- Dave Reiner

How Do I Fill Out My Fiddle Hell Survey After the 4 Days Are Over?

Please help us make Fiddle Hell better by filling out our survey after the April event at https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/FiddleHell2021 

We read all responses carefully!

How Can I Get My Fiddle Hell T-Shirt or Hoodie?

Fiddle Hell Online t-shirts, with a great design by Autumn Rose Lester, are available for online orders by credit card or PayPal! If you order between March 23rd and April 20th, you should receive them a few weeks after Fiddle Hell. These are comfortable and wash well.

Click here to browse choices and order.

Styles include Unisex T's (Maroon - see below), Women's T's (Purple), Unisex Long Sleeve T's (Royal Blue), 50/50 Blend Unisex T's (Texas Orange), Women's Tanks (Caribbean Blue or Navy) and Hoodies (in Smoke Grey or Charcoal Heather, runs a little bit small). You don't have to be registered for FHO to order a t-shirt.

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