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Parent or Legal Guardian or Responsible Adult for Kid 12 or Under

We welcome all ages at Fiddle Hell!  For a child aged 12 or under to participate in the Fiddle Hell Online program presented by Fiddle Hell Massachusetts LLC in 2024, a parent or legal guardian aged 18 or older is required to register the child, to purchase their own ticket in addition to the child’s ticket, and to read and agree to the following terms.

This agreement is intended to comply with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act and the regulations thereunder (“COPPA”).  We recognize that COPPA’s protections will substantially change the experience of child participants aged 12 and under and their parents at Fiddle Hell Online.

I am the parent or legal guardian aged 18 or older of the child identified in this registration. I understand that children aged 12 and under are not permitted to share ANY Personal Information (as defined below) during their participation in Fiddle Hell Online ("FHO").  I AGREE TO EXPLAIN TO MY CHILD THE RESTRICTION ON SHARING ANY PERSONAL INFORMATION AND TO ENSURE MY CHILD DOES NOT SHARE PERSONAL INFORMATION THROUGH THE WHOVA OR ZOOM PLATFORMS, including during workshops, jam sessions, concerts, or in Whova Community discussion boards, chats, photo posting, or any other format that is part of the event.  I AGREE TO PURCHASE A FHO TICKET FOR MYSELF IN ADDITION TO ONE FOR MY CHILD, TO SUPERVISE AND MONITOR MY CHILD’S PARTICIPATION IN FHO, AND TO TAKE FULL RESPONSIBILITY FOR MY CHILD’S SAFETY AND APPROPRIATE BEHAVIOR THROUGHOUT THE EVENT (APRIL 11-14, 2024) AND IN THE FOUR MONTHS FOLLOWING THE EVENT, during which access to event content through the Whova platform will continue to be available.  

I understand it is required that children (12 or under) disable audio and video in live Zoom sessions, and I agree to ensure that MY CHILD (12 OR UNDER) WILL DISABLE THEIR AUDIO AND VIDEO FEEDS TO ZOOM AND ANONYMIZE THEIR DISPLAY NAME (e.g., by setting it to “Anon”) WHILE PARTICIPATING IN OR WATCHING ANY LIVE FHO SESSION.  Photo, video, and audio files including a child 12 or under are all defined as Personal Information under COPPA.  I also agree that MY CHILD MAY NOT SHARE ALOUD OR IN ANY WRITTEN FORMAT THEIR FULL NAME, HOME OR PHYSICAL ADDRESS, TELEPHONE NUMBER, ONLINE CONTACT INFORMATION, or any other identifying information as outlined in the definition of Personal Information below, during workshops, jam sessions, concerts, or in Whova Community discussion boards, chats, photo posting, or any other format that is part of FHO. Since posting photos, commenting on sessions, posting in session Q&A, and initiating/posting in Whova Community Topics will reveal Personal Information (at a minimum, my child’s name) to others in Whova, I also agree that MY CHILD WILL NOT POST PHOTOS, COMMENT ON SESSIONS, POST IN SESSION Q&A, OR INITIATE OR POST IN COMMUNITY TOPICS IN THE WHOVA PLATFORM. If my child has a question or comment during a session, it is NOT permitted for the comment to be written in the Zoom or Whova chat. However, I understand that a registered attendee aged 13 or older in the child’s household may ask the question or make the comment rather than the child, through a Whova FHO account DIFFERENT from the child’s account. I also understand that my child may replay PREVIOUSLY RECORDED FHO SESSION VIDEOS without any need for audio and video disabling, and without a need to anonymize their Zoom display name.

I agree to ensure that, immediately after my child is registered with Whova, I or MY CHILD WILL DOWNLOAD THE WHOVA MOBILE APP (available for iPhone and Android) and WILL USE THE MOBILE APP TO TURN OFF PROFILE VISIBILITY IN PROFILE SETTINGS. I understand that failure to immediately turn off profile visibility means that my child’s name will be visible to other attendees; and I understand that this failure WILL RESULT IN MY CHILD BEING REMOVED AS AN ATTENDEE OF FHO.

I agree to abide by this agreement and restrict the disclosure of any Personal Information of my child at any time during my child’s participation in FHO even if I am comfortable with my child’s Personal Information being shared.  The limits outlined, which I am agreeing to for myself and on behalf of my child, are due to the online nature of this event and the associated requirements of COPPA for child participants.  IT IS NOT AN OPTION TO PROVIDE CONSENT FOR PERSONAL INFORMATION OF MY CHILD TO BE SHARED, OR TO SHARE ANY OF MY CHILD’S PERSONAL INFORMATION. Because COPPA allows consent to be revoked at any time by a parent; and due to the archiving of videos for participants’ future use, the actions required of Fiddle Hell Massachusetts LLC in association with a revoked consent could be burdensome and challenging to comply with.

I agree to abide by the Privacy Policy of Fiddle Hell Massachusetts LLC, which can be read online and/or printed at I agree to abide by the Privacy Policy of Whova, the event management software used by Fiddle Hell Online, which can be accessed at  I agree to abide by the Privacy Policy of Zoom, used for online meetings with audio and/or video during and following Fiddle Hell Online, which can be accessed at

This agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts without giving effect to any choice or conflict of law provision or rule. I irrevocably submit to the exclusive jurisdiction and venue of the federal and state courts located in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in any legal suit, action, or proceeding arising out of or based upon this agreement or my participation in FHO.

© 2020-2024 by Fiddle Hell Massachusetts LLC

Under COPPA, collection of information includes the following actions:
- Request, prompt, or encourage the submission of information, even if it’s optional;
- Let information be made publicly available (for example, with an open chat or posting function) unless you take reasonable measures to delete all or virtually all personal information before postings are public and delete all information from your records; or
- Passively track a child online.  [Fiddle Hell Massachusetts LLC does not conduct any sort of tracking of children online.]

“Personal Information” 
Each of these is considered personal information under COPPA:
- Full name; 
- A photo, video, or audio file containing a child’s image or voice;
- Home or physical address, including street name and city or town;
- Online contact information like an email address or other identifier that permits someone to contact a person directly – for example, an IM identifier, VoIP identifier, or video chat identifier;
- Screen name or user name where it functions as online contact information;
- Telephone number;
- Social Security number;
- A persistent identifier that can be used to recognize a user over time and across different sites, including a cookie number, an IP address, a processor or device serial number, or a unique device identifier;
- Geolocation information sufficient to identify a street name and city or town; or 
- Other information about the child or parent that is collected from the child and is combined with one of these identifiers.


COPPA requires that parents be given direct notice of our information practices when collecting information from or about their children.  These are included in this Agreement.  Additionally, the Privacy Policy of Fiddle Hell Massachusetts LLC can be accessed at The Privacy Policy of Whova, the event management software used by Fiddle Hell Online, can be accessed at  Finally, the Privacy Policy of Zoom, which is used for audio and video during and following Fiddle Hell Online, can be accessed at

DOWNLOAD a pdf of this Kid 12 and Under Agreement.