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Soon, you'll find here some bonus tracks, variations, and sheet music for several tunes from the "New 52" 2-CD set: 52 Traditional Tunes from Fiddle Hell, Volume 2: Played Fast and Slow (Reiner Family Band). We may also add some bonus tracks for the tunes on the "Original 52" CDs.  And we may add some interesting fiddle tune recordings just for the fun of it!

Beaumont Rag in D
Dave Reiner (fiddle), Eric Eid-Reiner (piano), Paul Harty (guitar, harmonica) live at Buell's Orchard in CT.

Inisheer, Gravel Walk, Julia Delaney's, Music for a Found Harmonium Reiner Family Band

Road to Lisdoonvarna, Irish Washerwoman, Swallowtail Jig, Ten Penny Bit. Reiner Family Band

SJ Liberty Sliders Buells2
Soldier's Joy and more

Sliders Reel Medley
Slider's Reel is one of the New 52