FHO Nov 2021 Schedule


Sessions are arranged by date and time, with 30 minute breaks between sessions. 

At most time slots, you'll find one  CONCERT , one  JAM , and five  WORKSHOPs

 L1    L2    L3    L4  describe levels of difficulty and pace (more info on levels here).
  Styles  describe various traditional music styles; many sessions cover more than one style.  
 Instruments  are those targeted by the workshop or jam.

 WORKSHOPs  are listed in order of difficulty. 
(not always in order) are shown with the instruments they're using for this session.
Descriptions give you exciting details of workshops.
Use the date and track filters to focus on particular attributes, or use the very helpful search box.
Click on an instructor's name to see bio and sessions.

This is a prior year's schedule.